My Pinterest Home..

Ever since I joined Pinterest a couple years ago… it has gotten bigger and bigger! Now every one I know is on it! So I figured, every one pins a ton of pictures but only every so often do people actually do anything with the things that they post. Which brought me to this idea! I am going to share with you exactly what I would want my future dream house to look like with some of the pins I have posted! Of course I am not fully decided on some things… I mean who is until they actually get their dream house? So I will probably have a couple pictures for each section. I am way too excited about this… enough chit chat about it… here we go!

Front of my dream Pinterest home..

This house below by architect Wendy Posard.. is to die for!! (If you are also dying like me to see more of her homes go here:

If any house was my dream house the first one below would be it.. it just makes my heart pitter patter staring at it! Not only the house but the fact that the animals are also included in the pictures makes it even more home-y to me! The next three after this one are also homes that I adore and would mix all of those three for a perfect home!





I can only imagine what sitting on this porch in the afternoon with a cup of tea would be like.. it sounds heavenly!


LOVE this front door.. it’s so cute and has so much character!


Dream Backyard..

Who in their life hasn’t dreamed of having their own tire swing in their back yard? What makes it even better is that gorgeous view of the lake right next to it!


A secret spot in the woods all to yourself… kind of like a little hide out! Sounds relaxing!

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A huge table in the backyard with unique light fixtures and a pergola with flowers growing up it… what about that doesn’t sound like a great place to sit with all your family or have a dinner party get together with all your friends?




A pool that looks like a pond… whattt??? Amazing!!


This would definitely be my spot at the end of the day with a book and a cup of coffee or tea. Sitting on a dock watching the sun set has been a dream of mine since the days of Dawson’s Creek! haha


And I can’t forget an amazing garden and one with this fantastic screened door entryway!


There is the outside of my dream home! The next couple posts I will go room by room and show you what I would love for my dream Pinterest house to look like! Hope your having a fantastic day! Let me know what your dream house would consist of and what ideas you have.. leave comments! =)

Lots of Love,