Hi! I’m just a New Jersey girl (wishing she lived in another state) who absolutely loves homes! I have a great boyfriend, two dogs and two cats… so as you can tell I also love animals!

Right now I live in a condo that is WAY too full of furniture and other projects I did. Mostly things I bought off of Craigslist and redid to make it look how I wanted for super cheap!  Though once I save up enough money I am moving and getting a fixer upper! I love the idea of making everything my own and working hard to make it that way. I love the feeling after you are done a project and you know that you put in the blood sweat and tears that made it look how great it does! I am all about houses that are all decked out in the 70’s style! What better way to completely redo everything and make it your own! =)

Until I get my own little fixer upper house… I realized that I can no longer do anymore projects for my condo and that I can’t get enough of the blogs on here about houses! So why not share my love for homes with you guys while I am waiting to get mine! This blog will basically be my area to share homes, home improvements, yards, gardens, ideas, DIY, home decor and everything else that I love about homes! So sit tight…read some posts and if you enjoy them, I would absolutely love to have you along for the ride of my little journey! =)

Lots of Love,



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