My Pinterest Home (Kitchen/Dining Room)..

Every one says that the kitchen is the heart of the home… and believe me, I truly believe that! The kitchen I have now is so tiny and dark.. which means I never want to cook or do anything in it! Which is why when I pin kitchens on Pinterest, they are usually white and bright and big! I know there are tons of people out there who love dark wood cabinets, but I am definitely not one of those people! No matter what my bf says about wanting dark wood cabinets, when we get a house I will get those nice bright white cabinets I want! haha! *Evil laugh*

Here is my dream Pinterest kitchen…

This kitchen literally makes my heart skip a beat and go all crazy! That sink… is just… UGH!! There are no words to describe how much I adore that sink! Not only that… but look at those gorgeous big windows!! That is the biggest requirement in my future dream kitchen.. I don’t care how much work it is but there HAS to be at least four big windows above the sink! They bring in so much light.. and who really wants to look at a wall while doing your dishes, or have one tiny window to try and peer out? What would be better then watching your future kids out those windows while they play and you do the dishes?!

Okay enough about the windows… yes I am the crazy obsessed window lady! haha But now lets take our attention to that darling little towel rod underneath the sink. I seriously never even thought of doing that, but now that I have seen it… why don’t people do that more often?? I can’t imagine not having that now.


Here is another fantastic kitchen I adore.. love the big windows as I’m sure you guessed! That isn’t just it though… the white mixed with the grey is gorg! That floor is just so unique and pretty! Also, of course I am in love with the apron sink too. The best part are those see through glass cabinets.. that was one condition my bf gave me. If I was to get my white kitchen, he had to have glass cabinets! Don’t tell him… but that is NOT a sacrifice for me, I have loved them for such a long time! 😉


These two kitchens, are completely cottage-y! Which if you haven’t noticed from my last post.. I am a tad bit into cottages! I adore those open shelves in the first picture, along with that pendant light above the bright sink! The second photo, those dark floors contrast the white cabinets so well! Yet again those open shelves are great!


If you haven’t already guessed, I really like green and that teal aqua color but basically just Teal in general. What I love most above these kitchens is how the bottom cabinets are green and the top cabinets are white, it gives such a great contrast and gives your eyes so much to look at! Personally at times, I think that having ALL the cabinets in a kitchen white, make it too matchy matchy and plain. So that’s why I am completely all for painting the bottom cabinets or the island a different color. Plus as you can see… glass cabinets and open shelves are yet again in these kitchens! haha

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Just incase you wanted to know this as well… THIS baby is my dream stove and oven! Really… if you enjoy baking or cooking, this dream boat is for you! *swoon*


Dream Pinterest Dining Room…

So before you get all judge-y on me, just let me tell you that I can’t help myself when it comes to bright colors and patterns.

Hi my name is Bria (Hi Bria!) and I have an addiction to bright and shiny colors/patterned things. *drops head in shame*

Okay but seriously… I can’t not love this dining room! It’s so cheerful and unique! I am a sucker for huge wooden tables and this biggin’ makes me want to just snatch it up and bring in into my tiny condo! haha Not only that, ut those unique mis-matched chairs just scream “I’M SO UNIQUE AND FUN.. TAKE ME WITH YOU!!” It’s like that pier 1 commercial where every cute thing in the store talks to you!


This one is more elegant.. still another farmhouse style table but the chairs and chandelier are fancy. I am really into the whole using a bench on one side of the table idea. I think its more comfortable and welcoming.


This one is very simplistic and yet again there is a bench. With this bench though it gives it more of the picnic table vibe. Like a relaxed lunch in a park.. not overly done but still feels home-y.


I love any room with a brick wall in it, But these upholstered chairs are what has got me! It just feel so welcoming and cozy, like you could sit here for hours after dinner just chatting away with old friends. This bench really does it for me too, I love how it doesn’t have arms on it so you aren’t restricted and too close to the person next to you.  Yet it is still upholstered as well with those patterned pillows, so there is also a little bit of a elegant yet relaxed feeling. This dining room doesn’t make me feel like I have to be all proper and up tight.


Ever since I started reading Young House Love’s blog.. I have slowly but surely started to love big round tables! Their dining room table and chairs are fabulous! If you haven’t seen them yet.. go look! Here are two other round tables I love! The chairs would have to be different for me.. but they both show how wonderful a round table could look!

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This last one is very different for me cause it isn’t bright, but I am loving that dark navy color on the wall, and those lights hanging from the ceiling  are so unique and gorgeous!


Welp… those are my kitchen and dining room pins that show what I would love for my dream Pinterest house to look like! Next post I will show what I would love another part of my future dream house to look like! Please don’t be shy to comment with any ideas or rooms you also enjoy! =)

Lots of Love,



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