The house from the movie Stepmom..


Please tell me at least everyone ever has seen the movie “Stepmom”?? It is one of my all time favorite movies.. and I couldn’t help but post about it since it was on TV tonight. As usual I had to stop my channel surfing and immediately put all my attention into what was going on in the movie!

First of all… this movie is not only one of the best and saddest movies ever! It also has the most gorgeous house! Ever since I saw this movie, all I could think about was how amazing it would be to live in this house and swing on that tire swing in the front yard! Could you also imagine sitting on that wrap around porch sipping your tea or coffee in the morning or at the end of your day with a juicy book you’ve been dying to read?

images-3 images-6

I would love to have that yard! All of those mature large trees surrounding it with amazing foliage! I sure would hate to rake those tons and tons of leaves though! It is just the right mixture of trees and sunlight peaking through.


Why wouldn’t you love that entryway? All the big open space to fill with all kinds of wonderful furniture and photos! With those high ceilings and gorgeous floors! Not to mention those fantastic steps! Looking at all the space in this house makes me scared for my OCD with cleaning… I would have to be a full time stay at home house owner with how much I would want to clean daily! haha


I wish I could of found a better picture of this kitchen! Watching the movie, I was so tempted to just get up and jump into the screen! I am not big on cooking, but if I had this kitchen I would be there all the time! Just so you know, I live in a condo.. so my kitchen is the size of a closet! haha I have always dreamed of having steps in the back of the house in the kitchen too. Just like so many movies and TV show have!


There is another picture of those gorgeous stairs… I love how the upstairs is so open to the downstairs! And look at that cute little corner sewing area Susan Sarandon’s character has… I would totally make that into a reading nook.. cause I can not sew for the life of me! I would love to learn though!


Here is the same seating area in the living room, but from different angles. All those decorations are gorgeous! What I wouldn’t give to have that much space to decorate for Christmas! I would go over kill with wreaths and mistletoe! haha

Those are all the photos I could find on of the “Stepmom” house but surely enough after looking at these pictures if you haven’t seen the movie… you are going to have to now! In the movie there are a ton of great shots of the outside and inside of the house. They show the outside of the house so much, and every time it is a different gorgeous view!

Be sure to watch it if you haven’t yet. Though if you have, go watch it again but this time work through those tears (I know how unbelievably hard that is!) and just admire the beauty of the house! Loved sharing this…well.. with anyone who will actually read it that is. Also, please tell me about your favorite TV show or Movie house!! =)

Lots of Love,



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